Dogs are one of the most loyal animals on the planet. They make great companions for humans, and dogs have been known to go above and beyond in order to serve their human friends. It’s an interesting question, why dogs are so loyal to humans, but there are a few theories that might answer this question!

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Dogs are loyal because dogs have been domesticated. That means dogs have evolved to fit in with human society, which includes being able to follow commands and having a close relationship with their owners.

Another reason dogs are loyal is because dogs depend on humans for food and protection. Dogs see humans as pack leaders (meaning the dog’s owner) who provide them with everything they need! If the human fails to do this, it could lead to an aggressive or upset animal that doesn’t listen very well – but dogs rarely show aggression towards humans since we give them what they want and love unconditionally!

Dogs also feel like part of your family when you treat them like one; giving dogs affection and treats encourages loyalty from certain breeds while others will still be loyal even without these special things. Dogs are smart and they know when they are being petted or petting us, and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

Let’s not forget about dogs’ sense of smell! Dogs have a keen sense of smell which can lead them to be very loyal because they’re able to pick up on scents humans cannot – this is why some dogs will find their owners just by following their scent!

Dogs are loyal to humans. Dogs are smart. They can be great companions if you treat them well and give them the attention they deserve! This is just one of the many reasons why dogs make such an excellent pet for your family, so don’t wait any longer – go adopt a dog today!

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